Our philosophy is focused on place and letting the grapes tell their own story.


Starting with our estate vineyard and farm, we have experimented with varietals and styles that are suited to the cooler, wetter, windy, higher elevation foothills of the east side of the Walla Walla Valley.
We only source other grapes from neighboring vineyards with similar terroir, farmed to achieve the expression and balance that we think is possible from these unique sites.

Les Collines Vineyard

Location: Named Les Collines after the French meaning ‘the foothills’ the vineyard lies at the base of the Blue Mountains in Walla Walla, Washington. The elevation ranges from 1140 feet in the northwest corner of the vineyard to 1370 feet in the southeast corner.

Vines: itä wines sources sémillon, primitivo, merlot, petit verdot and syrah from Les Collines.

Soil: Walla Walla silt loam and Athena silt loam.

Breezy Slope Vineyard

Location: Located in Oregon just south of the Washington border, Breezy Slope is one of the higher elevation sites in the valley at 1700 feet above sea level.

Vines: itä wines sources pinot noir from Breezy Slope Vineyard

Soil: Palouse silt loam


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